INtelligent investigatingBecker and Company offers a variety of in-service training, continuing education courses and seminars to assist your claims personnel.  These courses are offered free of charge as an added service to our clients to compliment our investigative functions.  If you currently are not a client, the cost of each course is $599.00.

Courses can be tailored to fit your specific employee needs; from beginner basic courses to more in-depth overview of a specific topic.  You can suggest specific topics or choose from programs that we have already developed and presented across the country.
Sample “Lunch and Learn” Courses include:

  • Questionable Claims:  Indicators and Mitigation (Worker’s Compensation)
    This one hour workshop focuses on the definition and application of questionable claims indicators on fraud assessment within worker’s compensation claims management.  It provides a framework for front line claims adjustors to use in determining whether further investigative action on a claim is warranted.
  • Assessing Bodily Injury Claims (Liability)
    This one hour work shop provides an entry-level overview of bodily injury claims within a liability claims setting.  It provides basic definitions of terms associated with bodily injury claims and what factors influence their successful resolution.
  • Impact of Attorneys on Worker’s Compensation Claims and Investigations
    This one hour workshop focuses on the current trend of claimants hiring attorneys in their worker’s compensation cases.  It highlights statistical analysis and correlations as to the reasons why a claimant seeks counsel as well as suggestions for more effective case management that will reduce the number of claimants hiring an attorney.

If you would like to discuss having a “lunch and learn” workshop presentation at your work site, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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